Congreso WILPF 2007, Bolivia

Avance del congreso Wilpf 2007

Live from Bolivia! 2007 International Congress. By Kate Zaidan.

“The 2007 International Congress is winding down, and the fact that this is my first time to blog speaks to the MASSIVE amount of work being done while we are here. I’ve hardly had a minute to hop into the fabulous hotel pool [complete with a swim-thru bar and squawking green parrots roosting in the palm trees], much less blog! 🙂 🙂

Congress is a time for WILPF members to weave our hearts, spirits and minds together, to reaffirm our commitment to peace built on justice, to facilitate communication amongst the international sections and to develop program priorities for the coming three years. Somehow, we’ve managed to do all of that plus more in the short few days we’ve been together.

It is completely amazing to be in the presence of so many strong women [and men!] from all over the globe. The Bolivia section has been a wonderful host, and has the most dynamic, smart amazing group of young women that I have had the opportunity to meet! We’ve got folks from Columbia, Sri Lanka, India, Sweeden, Denmark, Costa Rica, UK, and more! I truly feel that I am part of an international community in WILPF, the nature of WILPF that is hard to convey through emails and reports. It takes the person to person communication that we get here at Congress to really make our world community real.”…                                    read more:

Thanks Dear Kate. (está buenango).


~ por Admin en julio 26, 2007.


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